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Kypriaki Gonia Gallery, Larnaka, “Taureapolis” 

The Taureapolis of Susan Vargas

The word “Taureapolis” is an invention of the artist composed of the words Taurus (bull) and Polis (city). The bull, which Susan Vargas uses as the main theme, is not only an indication of her background (her native country, bullfights, etc.) it also brings to light the interaction between the Latin-American and the Mediterranean cultures. The titles such as “The Bull of Santa Maria”, “The Bull Leapers”, “Engomi”, are some examples of this.

In her paintings she divides the surface and organises a distribution of the colour fields in such a way – often using diagonal lines – achieving in this way a dynamic composition.

In her work there is a symbolic dimension and she uses a multileveled correlation between history and contemporary reality. Some of these paintings are “The Bull of Nicosia”, “Dialogue”, ”Bull Leapers of  2060”, “Minotaur” and “Bull of the City”. In her paintings one can notice flying bikers, people with umbrellas, others with masks, upside down houses, people enigmatically standing with buckets…

The series of small paintings are worth mentioning. They are colourful paintings, full of freshness and vitality. The artist uses elements from children’s and naïve art to create a dreamlike atmosphere full of poetry and lyricism.

Whatever the allusions to the word Taurepolis, Susan Vargas has created paintings full of mystery and expressionistic tension.

Caroline Frances